Mik Kaminski and Violinski

Mik Kiminski made a solo album and here is his solo hit Clog Dance...

Clog Dance 

Violinski in 10 Minutes

An Interview with Mik


  1. I Love Mik Kaminski.I love E.L.O and The Orchestra. Perfect music,perfect harmonies.The best band ever. I love for ever. I'm mexican and I follow ever and ever.Please come to Dallas,Tx. Thanks so much. Nora

  2. Long time ELO fan, I think my first was the A New World Record on 8-Track! Mik was always my favorite, I love them all but Mik inspired me to take up the violin at my late age. I've always enjoyed watching him, and Violinski was great! I only have the one album plus the US release (I'm in the US) but looking for the other.

  3. Thanks, Mik, for a great performance, both in the long past and the more recent one. Mik still has the magic that made me his fan and drew me to the violin. Loved him in ELO though think he was underappreciated. Hope he knows how much he is admired.

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